Month: September 2022

Powder coating market is about to usher in a blowout, who in the "secret" layout?

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It can be said that the enterprise vision of powder coating in the phase is poisonous. His foundation is good, is a good seed, is widely used in the spraying of furniture paint, as well as all kinds of industrial machinery, high-tech electronic products shell, the scope of application and The Times fit, belongs to walk in the forefront of scientific and technological development.

For example, the application of furniture paint, powder paint design is free, not controlled by the shape of furniture; ​secondly, rich color can meet the different needs of consumers for color. On this basis, powder coating can also make a special surface texture effect, appearance conditions are very superior.

Look at the "talent", powder coating itself on environmental protection and performance requirements are very high, mostly used as a functional coating, waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew, aging resistance, anti-yellowing, scratch resistance and so on.


The needs of The Times, coupled with their own excellent conditions. Many big brands have already laid the foundation in this field quietly, putting some energy into this "corner game" of non-main business.

(2020) at the end of September last year, families strong 12.7 billion acquisition of DSM sustainability coating resin business, strong said through the acquisition, families and strong will add a full range of waterborne polyacrylate resin business, and further enrich the combination of technology, including a variety of water technology, powder coating resins and radiation curing resin technology. Among them, powder coating resin impressively in the list.

Also last year, coatings giant Akzonobel spent 160 million yuan to build a powder coating plant in Italy, said Daniela Vlad, head of Akzonobel's powder coatings business: "We are implementing a structural expansion plan to increase the capacity of the Como and Arnsberg plants. The new plant in Cuomo and the new production line in Arnsberg will help the company continue to grow with its customers, especially in the automotive segment." With this investment in a powder coating plant, Akzonobel Sword refers to the automotive coatings market.

Tiger Coating established "powder coating powder Manufacturer". Tiger China CEO LuoBiao said at the meeting: "tiger coatings to powder coatings raw materials companies, head powder manufacturing enterprise head, coating process head the three private schools as the core of the enterprise, in the new market, new applications, and paint powder instead of interconnection and docking, develop design, from raw materials to the powder formula design and application of complete closed loop. At the same time, make full use of the Matthew effect, so that the industry of two or three hundred enterprises occupy a large part of the powder coating market, can achieve industry standards and integration, complete industrial upgrading. Let China's powder coating industry in the world not only to do bigger but also to do stronger!"

To say in the Chinese market, deep plough powder coating representatives should belong to Bard. The powdery wood furniture introduced by Dr. Bards is at the forefront of The Times. Dr. Fang Licheng, general manager of Bausch Home and director of the Powder Furniture Innovation Center, said: "Our powder wooden furniture is made by combining the most environmentally friendly density board with the powder coating for wood jointly developed by Bards Group and Dutch chemical giant DSM. The paint is adsorbed to the surface of the density board by electrostatic spraying and cured at 130 degrees for 3 minutes, resulting in our powdered wooden furniture."