1 thought on “Can I change the jewelry invoice in Caibai Buy?”

  1. The jewelry invoice in Cai Bai bought is gone, and it can be replaced without invoices.
    Cuchi service personnel will check the gold. If there is no welding joint at high temperature, the thousands of gold will be purchased at the price of the sufficient gold. Essence
    brand introduction
    Caibai jewelry is a brand of Beijing Caipita Department Store Co., Ltd., which is located at No. 306, Guang'anmen Inner Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, with an operating area of ​​8,800 square meters. It has the qualifications of Chinese gold coin special retailers and is the largest and most complete gold jewelry specialty company in Beijing.
    The main products such as sufficient gold, thousands of gold jewelry, decoration, gold bar, platinum, diamonds, jadeite, white jade, jewelry, gold and silver coins, K-Gold and 18K gold, silver jewelry and other commodities. Cai Bai is the first batch of "Chinese time -honored" brand named by the Ministry of Commerce. In January 2022, he ranked 8th in the 2022 Hurun China Jewelry Brand List.

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