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  1. 1. Flower candy: Flowers can be a red rose bought from the flower shop, or a bunch of wild flowers that can be picked. Any candy shop can buy the melting and styling molds, which is more meaningful to make the candy.

    . The magical deformation cup: When the cup is added with hot water, the pattern printed on the cup will clearly appear, everything is like magic. You can design a meaningful pattern and print it on the chameleon.

    . The engraved agate bracelet: The bracelet apartment shows the hand, connecting the heart, symbolizing that it is never separated. It accompanies lovers to witness the happiness of love. unique.

    4. Crystal images: Pure and transparent, crystal clear crystal, is a symbol of purity and eternal. Printing and moving, warm and sweet photos on the beautiful crystal, so that the happy and happy time will stay in the crystal forever.

    5. Handmade gifts; compared with recipe roasted baked biscuits, chocolate cakes or cup -shaped cakes, this simple handmade gift is very good. You can make a photo frame for your group photo, or make a CD for the songs that both of you like.

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