5 Replies to “Is Baby's jewelry in "Entrepreneurship" looks as good as her?”

  1. Of course it looks good, especially Dior Rose des Vents series earrings. If you want to say that baby acting is serious, I think the selection of jewelry in this play is also one of the highlights. As the female executives and workplace experts of investment companies, the role of the blue in the play is still showing people with basic colors such as black, white, and gray. At the same time, with a delicate earrings, it will make you look more delicate.

  2. It is definitely as good as I am, and it can add points to the temperament of baby. Dior pink protein stone necklace, which uses neck necklace and short necklace to superimize to create a sense of layering, adding a touch of interest under the dull black and white suit. The material of the pink may also reveal the gentle side of the girl.

  3. It looks good, Tasaki's pearl earrings in the BALANCE series have a lot of frequency in the play, that is, the one in Yuan Quan in "My First Half of Life". It is also a female elite in the workplace, and the two wearing different styles. It looks more capable in Yuan Quan, and BABY has appeared in the format and casual style. It seems that this earrings are still very versatile.

  4. Personally feel very beautiful. The most impressive is the match of baby. Chaumet, Paris, Joséphine, Flower • Huiying earrings, Dior Dior Choker. Obviously Choker is more suitable for daily costumes, and it seems too casual to match a dress in important occasions. However, the earrings are just right, but the exaggerated shape will never grab the dresses. The inlaid diamonds are also very bright, and they can be matched with the template.

  5. Baby, as my goddess, is very good -looking in the jewelry in the play. In fact, her match in the workplace is very "mindful". She is good at using the exquisite earrings to light up her body shape. Small one embellishment on the earlobe, which is neither hindered, but also makes people think about it.

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