1 thought on “Is it harmful to the human body for a long time? Is it harmful to the human body for a long time?”

  1. Bronze bracelets are often used as imitations for gold bracelets, but the brass bracelets will also have certain damage to the body after wearing it for a long time:
    The heavy metal hazards: Copper ions are heavy metals, wearing it for a long time, vulcanization in brass, sulfurization in brass, and sulfurization in brass. The amount of mes and copper ions will be dissolved under the action of sweat, causing copper ions to enter the human body from the skin, causing heavy metal accumulation in the body
    skin staining: The part of the brave bracelet after a period of time will contact the skin part of the skin. If there is a slightly slightly oxidation, the result will cause the skin to be touched with the bracelet, and this situation often occurs in summer
    It skin allergies: for people with allergies, wearing copper jewelry will cause the body Allergic reaction.

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