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  1. Many netizens said they bought fakes.
    The items used for decoration. Generally, use to beautify the appearance of the individual, decorate the room, beautify the public environment, and decorate cars. Therefore, jewelry can be divided into the following categories: home accessories, clothing accessories, car jewelry, etc. As the crowd wearing jewelry gradually increased, the wholesale jewelry industry is gradually emerging.

    The jewelry industry is an emerging industry formed by the jewelry of jewelry and craft gift industry. With the development of the economy and society, people have begun to pursue fashion and personality while meeting the basic needs of life, which has promoted the development of this emerging industry. There are more than 4,500 jewelry companies and business households in Guangdong, with more than 8,800 Yiwu and about 4,000 in Qingdao. There are countless accessories companies and operators scattered in other places.
    It Guangdong, Yiwu, and Qingdao are the three major gatherings of Chinese pop accessories, forming a three -legged pattern. Among them, Yiwu has been named "the capital of Chinese pop jewelry industry and trade" by China Light Industry. In the popular jewelry industry chain, many places rely on their respective resource advantages to form relevant characteristic industries.
    It, "the capital of the world's artificial gem" in Wuzhou, Guangxi, "China Pearl Towers" Zhejiang Zhuji, "Chinese Artificial Crystal Capital" Zhejiang Pujiang and so on. These characteristic industrial bases are integrated with the three major Chinese popular jewelry gathering spaces, which basically formed the production pattern of my country's jewelry industry.
    The jewelry sales method of large cities is basically direct -operated stores, franchise stores and small accessories stores; jewelry consumption in small and medium -sized cities is still sold in the form of flower shops and gift shops due to the limitations of income levels. Jewelry, its products are generally more ordinary jewelry, and the product is low.
    With the development of second- and third -tier cities in China, the consumption demand of these urban and rural residents will gradually keep up with the pace of large cities, which is a rare development opportunity for the majority of accessories companies.

  2. Hello, I suggest not to buy it. I think that a lot of things with short videos are fake or low -grade. After all, the price is cheap and there is no good goods. I hope my answer can help you, thank you!

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