Please help me identify whether the diamond ring sent by my friend is true or false?

It is said that the level of 1 carat diamond ring of Zhou Dafu in Hong Kong is the VVS2 D level 100,000 Hong Kong dollars, but I found that the inner ring of the diamond is engraved with the words PT950 Alier D101CT. People are very grateful

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  1. Different diamonds mainly use “thermal conductors (also known as diamond pens)”. This mainly uses the hot inertia of diamonds is the highest in the gem. In addition, there are a little bit of bodies in diamonds, such as graphite, spike crystal, spike crystal Stone, garnet, etc., but the most common is the black graphite bag.

    This oily test: use a special pen or ballpoint pen with an oil -based ink to draw a line on the countertop of the diamond, then It will leave an uninterrupted straight line. Other imitation products are not intimate, leaving intermittent points at the line.

    The drop test: The water droplets on the diamond will be kept spherical for a long time, and the water droplets on the imitation product will spread in a relatively short period of time.

    The gas test: breathe on the diamond, such as the water and gas on the diamond immediately disappear as a real diamond; if the water stays on the diamond for a few seconds, it disappears and it is a fake diamond.

    It feels test: When drilling diamonds and their imitation products at room temperature, diamonds are much cooler than imitation products. Just put it on a wired paper, inverted, down the countertop, whether it can see the line through it, if it can be imitated, natural diamonds are invisible. This method is very simple. . R n
    . I personally recommend it to distinguish it with “diamond pen (also known as thermometer)”. The other is the “diamond grading certificate”. The former costs 20 ~ 50 yuan, and the latter needs to cost 150 yuan.

    It again, the oil -based carbon pen draws the line on the diamond. If the continuous straight line is presented, the diamond is used. , You can also distinguish the diamond from other gems quickly. In the diamond, there are other gifda bodies that are not available in gems. This is an effective way to distinguish. ======

    The basic characteristics of a real diamond of one upper product are: pure color, transparent crystal and clean,
    carrier rules. The color of the diamond can be compared with the standard of the diamond color (commonly known as the bi). In the absence of “Bizi”, it can also be determined according to practical experience. When the light is strong, because the diamond reflects, it is often not easy to see the color of the diamond. At this time, you can use your mouth to breathe in the diamond to make the diamond no longer glow. It’s right. If the diamond is white, the color is not correct. The purity of identification of diamonds,
    mainly depends on the amount of impurities in diamonds. Generally, if there is less impurities, it is called “slightly silk”, and the slightly
    is called “half flower” and “No. 1 flower”. This type of push is “No. 2 Flower” and “No. 3
    flowers”. Diamond crystals are pure, called “net”. Diamond car workers are also called grinding. There are 57 or 58 diamond flipping surfaces (also some exceptions).
    The more common fake diamonds include rhinestones, “Bai Lubin” (also known as artificial diamonds), tin
    lan diamonds, glass materials, etc. These fake diamonds can be seen on the hand pattern, and the real diamond
    is not seen in the hand. This is the simplest and common practical method. Such as
    The fruit is conditional, of course, it can also be identified by testing hardness.

    Finally, it is recommended that you go to a professional appraisal agency to identify, such as
    gia ngtc IGI HRD ….

  2. Take a closer look at whether there will be bubbles and diamonds to draw the glass. If there is a bubble or after the glass is scratched, the glass is okay.
    Remember to teach on the TV.

  3. It should be engraved in the inner wall of the ring. The PT950 is a platinum with a purity of 95%. The diamond with 1.01 carats is inlaid. The clarity level of the diamond is VVS2, which is a relatively high level. Well, it doesn’t matter, brands such as Zhou Dafu, Hong Kong, are processed on behalf of the factory in Shenzhen. It is good to be called OEM.

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