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  1. Answer Hello, the following is the golden trend chart in the past six months ~nThe above is the gold price trend for nearly 60 days, for half a year and nearly 30 days, and the last one is the gold trend chart of the last 24 hours. The highest price has been 416.39 in the three months, and the lowest is 365.15. I hope my answer can help you ~n5 morenBleak

  2. Today's latest analysis of the gold price trend chart (September 2)
    In September 02, 2016, 20: 23
    Friday (September 2) Asia Among them, the price of gold T D is maintained in the range of 281-283, and the volatility is not large. Due to the continuous heat hike expectations of the Fed, the US dollar stronger, the price of gold continued to pressure, and the monthly line stopped two consecutive yangs, closing a 3.11%low. Beijing time on Friday evening at 20:30, the market will announce the August non -agricultural employment report this week, which will cause the market to fluctuate a lot.
    In only look at the picture
    Golden T D hours chart
    technical surface
    From the price of the gold T D price hour chart, the overall price of gold is still in a weak sorting, 280 below the composition Strong support, further support near 278. In terms of specific indicators: On the four -hour chart, there are signs of closing of the Bollinger indicators. The K -line presses the upper orbit of the Bollinger belt, and the gold price fluctuates between the middle and upper orbit; The current short is still occupying the upper hand. Teacher Li Jia analyzed that the current golden T D short momentum is relatively strong. It is expected that non -agricultural will be under pressure on gold, and gold will face downward risks. The upper above 284 and 286 resistance, below 280 and 278 support.
    The short -term attention above resistance: 284 and 286
    The short -term support below support: 280 and 278
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