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  1. The jewelry design of artworks. Jewelry designer Zhao Xinqi's work is a jewelry art. The three -dimensional structure is full of vitality, which fully reveals her sculpture art skills and subtle observation, the artistic power of three -dimensional sculpture, and the skill of 360 degrees inlaid. Activate the vitality of the spider. The white diamond is designed with a spider web, and it is embedded in the water droplets on the spider web with a star -shaped diamond inlaid. The spiders formed by black diamonds are paired with white diamonds with a bright light.
    : 1950
    Inspired flowers: Daisy
    The jewelery inspired by daisy. The portrayal of petals is also very delicate.

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    The jewelery designed by Salvador Dali is a artwork.
    Salvador Dali, Spanish surrealist painter, printmaker, sculptor, stage art designer and writer. The starting point of Dali to make jewelry is -protesting the mediocre jewelry that emphasizes the value of materials. His goal is to let the jewelry dealers look at — the value of design and craftsmanship in jewelry is higher than the value of gem gold. " r n

  3. The necklace is called "Praise To Nature", which is launched by Japanese jewelry dealer Mikimoto this year. The design is inspired by the ocean, reminiscent of the clear sunlight of the clear sea water.

    This is blue as the main color, inlaid with a 54.94ct pillow -shaped cutting sea sapphire, and with small green pillars and light blue sapphires, symbolizing the clear and blue blue of the ocean.

    The entire necklace is made of platinum, which outlines the spiral line -like outline to form a layer of waves. The wave room is decorated with Nanyang pearls and Akoya breeding pearls, like bubbles in the water.

    In order to make the work more vitality, the designer also added the element of fish groups to the necklace -the slender fish body was inlaid by diamonds, and the sapphire -shaped sapphire symbolizes the fins of the fish. Platinum production, highlighting the free gesture of roaming in the deep sea.

  4. The jewelry design that can be called art must have its charm, including unique inlaid sets, including exquisite structures, including exaggerated art tension, such as diamond enamel sea sauda golden fish pendant.
    diamond enamel sea blue treasure golden fish pendant

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    amitai KAV (Amtai Carf), born in 1954 in Jerusalem in Israel, is one of the outstanding jewelry artists in Israel and even the world.
    The picture above shows the "Flower" series designed by Amayav. The "Flower" series presents a refined thorns. This flower is composed of blue and purple, but when it drys, it becomes thorns. In the eyes of ordinary people, the thorn thorns and beauty do not seem to be too much. The relationship, the re -creation of art has become soft and beautiful.
    Roberto Stern (Roberto Stan) is the head and global creative director of H.stern. He said: "I really love creativity. Jewelry must start with a meaningful concept of concept Then we can express creativity by using valuable materials.
    This is the "Nazareth" gem ring designed by Roberto designed by gold and blue and yellow gemstones. At first glance The blue rose bundle is the same.
    costis comes from Greece. He is a talented and imaginative designer

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