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  1. Foot gold: 990 gold, GOLD990, G990; thousands of gold: 999 gold, GOLD999 or G999; 10,000 foot gold: 9999 gold, AU9999 or G9999.
    The difference of gold jewelry for the difference between the difference between the difference between the gold jewelry, the quality of the gold jewelry must be recognized. The gold jewelry sold in the market should be equipped with the inspection logo of the quality inspection institution, and the identification clearly indicates the gold content and weight of the jewelry. 999.9 gold is called 10,000 enough gold, and its gold content must not be less than 999.9 ‰; 999 gold is also called thousands of gold, and the gold content is not less than 999 ‰; 990 gold is called sufficient gold, and the gold content is not less than 990 ‰.
    This expansion information: How to choose gold:
    掂 掂 掂, look at color, discussion rhyme, soft and hard, and acid points. Because golden density is significantly greater than common metals such as copper, silver, lead, and zinc, it is about twice as much as the same volume of silver and copper. If the items are gold, it feels like a heavy feeling.
    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Footjin Baidu Encyclopedia-Thousands of Golden Baidu Encyclopedia-Wanjin

  2. 1. Gold content
    The insiders told me that the most significant difference between thousands of gold and thousands of feet gold is that the gold content is different. There is a certain difference in gold content, and everyone should pay attention when buying.
    2, color
    Per people may think that the gold content of the two is very small, and it can almost be ignored, but in fact, the difference between the two is very large. The amount of gold is less, so compared to 10,000 enough gold, it will be lighter in color. Many people like to buy a more yellow -footed gold in color. Because the yellowish the color, the higher the purity, the more face to wear.
    3, softness
    In general, the higher the purity of gold, the softened, so when we buy gold jewelry, we may wish to compare two different gold jewelry. You can see the difference between the two.
    In the analysis of pedestrians in the inside, only to know that there is such a big difference between Qianzujin and Wanzujin. It turns out that I have been buying it wrong! But whether to buy thousands of feet or gold, in the end, you still have to come according to your preferences and needs. After all, it is the best one suitable for you!

  3. Foot gold logos are "foot gold", or "99 gold" or "G99".
    The logo of thousands of gold is "Thousands of Gold", or "999 gold" or "G999".
    The logo of 10,000 foot gold is "10,000 -footed gold" or "9999 gold".
    The gold content of the above three types of gold is also different. The gold content of sufficient gold is equal to or more than 990 ‰ of gold, commonly known as "two -nine gold". "Gold", the gold content of 10,000 enough gold is equal to or more than 999.9 ‰, commonly known as the "Wanfu Gold Series".
    Extension information:
    The precautions for buying gold:

    1, it is best to buy gold wedding jewelry in regular businesses, do not greedy cheap, buy in some small businesses or cheap places, Regular merchants are insured to avoid unnecessary trouble after marriage in the future.
    2, it is best to ask the merchant to ask the merchant with the name, color, and weight invoice to query in the future.
    3. Different from your gold wedding jewelry to prevent businessmen from selling you use gold jewelry.
    4, should carefully check whether the jewelry is safe, the chain body is straight, the buckle, the connector, the ear clip, etc., in order to make the buckle of the bracelet, the connector of the earrings, and the heads of the head. The color should be lower.
    5. Buy according to the age, temperament, body shape and purchase motivation of each person.
    6. When wearing jewelry, it sometimes turns white. This is because the jewelry and cosmetics, shampoo, dishwashing, or wire are in contact with chemical reactions. In contact, once you occur, you can go to the store to clean it with the invoice.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Wanfu Gold

  4. It turns out that this is the difference between Qianzujin and Wanzujin. Don't buy it wrong after reading it. Remember to tell the people around you

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  5. 1. Thousands of gold, which is a gold product with a gold content of not less than 99.9%.
    2, 10,000 -footed gold, is a gold product with a gold content of not less than 99.99%. It is the highest value of jewelry in the market circulation, but it is not among the national standards. Essence

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