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  1. The difference between the difference between the engagement ring and the Sanjin is mostly inlaid by 18K gold and platinum. The specific materials and styles can be determined according to the woman's hobby.
    The three gold on the wedding custom is usually gold rings, gold necklaces, and gold bracelets. Generally speaking, the heavier the weight of the gold jewelry represents the more important the man's attention to the woman. It is a sense of auspiciousness. Most of the traditional three gold styles are dragon and phoenix, flowers and birds, and some are styling. The design is relatively atmospheric, and the jewelry components are sufficient. Many people may have seen some gold jewelry at the bottom of the box in the jewelry box of grandma or grandmother. These are usually three golds when they get married, or the three gold jewelry passed down from generation to generation. The three golds of the engagement often have strong collection, value preservation and appreciation and inheritance value.

    In material: The material of the three gold is based on the older generation, mainly gold, and the luxurious gold is made into gold jewelry with beautiful meaning. The metal of the engagement ring is mainly K gold and platinum, and inlaid with bright and stylish diamonds.
    If price: The price calculation method of the two is different, the purchase of engagement rings is mainly diamonds. The higher the quality of the diamond, the more expensive the price. At present, most consumers buy engagement diamond ring. The price is about 3,000 yuan. The price of Sanjin is calculated at the weight of the metal. The heavier the gold used, the higher the price.
    The engagement is to buy engagement diamond ring when buying three gold or diamond ring engagement, and buying Sanjin has a different meaning. Therefore, if you have the conditions, you can choose both. Essence The engagement also has the saying of buying Sanjin. Sanjin is the three kinds of jewelry of gold. It can be seen that Sanjin's important position in engagement. However, the diamond ring in recent years has become more popular. Regarding engagement whether it is purchasing diamond ring or three gold, its basic role is used for wearing. Drill ring is relatively versatile and more in line with the aesthetic views of modern people due to its style and color reasons. Many gold jewelry is not suitable for daily wear, and young girls may look old -fashioned. From a beautiful perspective, engaging and buying diamond rings will be more suitable.
    1, from the perspective of value preservation
    If we look at the value of value, then we should still buy Sanjin, because the value of only gold only looks at the value of the three gold, and the value of the three gold is affordable to win the diamond ring. Because Sanjin can be recovered and can be monuted. Over the years, the price of diamond ring has been in a trend of steady rise, and the diamond ring has a relatively stable value -preserving ability, but it is not as good as the value of value preservation at any time.
    2, from the perspective of wearing
    While it is engaged to buy three gold or diamond ring, it is used for wearing, so the durability of jewelry is very important. From this point of view, the durability of Sanjin is durable. It's better to get diamond ring. Gold is a soft metal. The three golds made are relatively easy to scratch. It is easy to bend due to external forces. Most of the diamond ring uses K gold and platinum. Corrosion -resistant. Therefore, from the perspective of jewelry, diamond ring is better than Sanjin.

  2. The difference between engagement rings and Sanjin lies in different meaning. The engagement ring is a Western wedding culture. Usually use a diamond ring to show your heart and establish a wedding contract. Sanjin is China's wedding custom. Sanjin, the more components, the more sincere. Is the engagement buying three gold or a diamond ring can be determined according to your own situation. It is best to discuss with your other half.

  3. There is a difference between the engagement ring and the three gold. If the engagement ring is to buy one pair, then the three golds are generally given some gifts to the female family.

  4. The engagement ring is a symbol of love between the two sides, and also represents the man's love and commitment to the woman. The three gold is generally a gift to the woman, and it also represents the man's attention to the woman. s difference. Generally, the engagement is to buy a diamond ring, and the Sanjin is presented to the woman when they are married or before marriage.

  5. The difference between engagement rings and Sanjin is very large. Sanjin must be bought when marriage, but the engagement ring will usually buy a diamond ring for the bride

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