2 thoughts on “What is the difference between gold bracelets and copper bracelets”

  1. If you want to identify it, it is a good identification
    1, the first proportion is different. The proportion of gold is 19.32g/cm3, while the proportion of brass is only 8.9g/cm3. Gold and brass of the same size are much more golden, which is twice that of brass jewelry;
    2, different hardness. Pure gold is soft and low. It can be used to draw shallow marks with nails. Teeth bite can leave tooth marks. The hardness of the brass is larger than gold, and it is not easy to leave tooth marks and nail scratches.
    3, the color of the horizontal is different. Cover the gold, the bang is golden yellow, and the bonus is scratched with bronze. The so -called real gold is not afraid of the fire. Even if it is burned with fire, it is sourly dissolved, and the gold is still glittering, but after the surface of the brass is oxidized, a layer of oxide film will be formed, so the brass becomes black, so the brass jewelry will easily change easily. black;

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