3 Replies to “Where can I buy special home accessories in Guangzhou? What kind of young people like”

  1. Let me add it upstairs!
    1, Wanling Plaza and Yide Road
    traffic: buses can be taken to Jiefang South Road, Haizhu Plaza Station, subway to Haizhu Plaza Station
    Wanling Plaza is more expensive, mainly there The rent is also high, and the road is slightly cheaper. Among them, there are many wholesale venues in Yide Road, which are toys/boutiques. There are more things here.

    2, Taikang City
    traffic: The bus takes the Taikang Road Station, and the subway is in front of the park (but it takes about 20 minutes to reach)
    The road is very close. There are mobile phone ropes, etc. There are some things as Wan Ling, but the price is cheaper. There are many women's jewelry.

    I often go to these two places to buy a version before, I hope these can help you!

  2. In Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Yide Road, Wanling Plaza, you all have all the most accessible accessories in South China. If you don't know how to go, you can search for "scale space shelves" with Guangzhou on Guangzhou. All the city's accessories wholesale market map guideline manual

  3. There are a lot of Wanling Square. In fact, buying on the Internet is better and convenient. No need to run out by yourself. Now many creative stuffs on the Internet now

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