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  1. Don't do this. There is absolutely no prospect. Essence Essence First of all, you can think about the essence from another angle. Essence If you are a consumer, you travel to the beach. What are the essential reasons for buying shells?
    Is it good -looking? Answer: Wrong! Intersection (Because this is just a superficial reason)
    The essence is actually because you travel to the sea and buy souvenirs. The first shell is associated with the sea. Bringing it back can leave a commemoration and memory. Second, if you buy it, it is more reasonable. The price is also cheap, and it is good to give away.

    If you open a shop in the Mainland, it can be said that it will never be sold. Because he has lost the essential reason he can sell. Remember, it can be sold by the sea because his meaning is souvenir. Essence Essence It's not because he is practical or good -looking. Essence

    I I have bought it in Hainan before. As a result, it was a thick layer of gray threw the house, and finally threw it away. Essence Essence
    Igly, you can ask your friends first. Essence Will they buy it if they are consumers?
    This to think in other places and see the essence of things.

    It hope it will be helpful to you.

  2. There is no future to open this kind of shop in the Mainland, and it will soon close!
    It suggest that you go to the seaside tourist city to open it, that may be better!

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