Paris Hilton canceled the marriage contract for the third time, but the expensive engagement diamond ring did not return to her boyfriend. What was later?

5 thoughts on “Paris Hilton canceled the marriage contract for the third time, but the expensive engagement diamond ring did not return to her boyfriend. What was later?”

  1. Overseas, many celebrities in high society have imitated the model bar. These people were born with a golden spoon at the beginning. Although it is the object of envious everyone, not everyone can become a high society.
    As the descendants of the Hilton family, Sister Hilton has attracted the attention of all sectors of society since birth. I have lived in the president's suite since I was a child. After that, the famous Yuan Sisters Kadesan was also their former followers. Sister Hilton did not appear as before. Intersection
    The two sisters have different personalities. Sister has always been arrogant and rude, doing more special things. There are countless loves and officially published in love. Sister is relatively low -key. The probability of appearing in front of the camera is relatively small. It is the home of the rich man who is more honest. There are two children now. Paris Hilton is the best. Recently facing the third termination of marriage contracts.
    two weeks ago, Paris Hilton was surrounded by paparazzi at the airport. I fought fiercely with the fiancee at the time. When asked why she did not attend with her fiancee, she also confidently said that everything was OK, but suddenly regretted getting married in the recent place because of money and was willful. Regarding unilateral regrets, the young lady's fiancee is also quite stupid, but suddenly realized "You are not my destiny"
    Actually, she announced that she would unilaterally postpone marriage. There were also arguments at the time, but her agent said that she did not proceed smoothly when preparing for the wedding ceremony. For this story, online users did not buy money. As a result, Paris was not an ordinary person, but Hilton's lady. Wedding is not good. Push back.
    From now on, I may regret that Paris suddenly comes. As a result, she did not do this for the first time. The boyfriend who said earlier was very hot, but was engaged, and the result became vague. After that, she quickly changed her boyfriend. It's not the first time.
    just, Paris Hilton has not yet given the huge engagement ring to his fiancee Chris Selka. On the contrary, wearing diamond rings these days is proud. The reporter asked this question, and Paris Hilton said OK.
    The behavior of Paris Hilton should really be rich. It is the word wayward. Only my sister has two children. When did she plan to end her wind and snowy moon?

  2. Later, I returned this diamond ring to the man. And such feelings are gone, and they have not come together, which also makes many people feel very sorry.

  3. Later, she sold the engagement diamond ring and bought a very expensive house to live in, and her boyfriend wanted to recover the diamond ring. She did not admit that the relationship between the two was completely ruptured.

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