1 thought on “What are the recommendations for 3D modeling software on iPad?”

  1. Nomad sculpt。

    is a 3D sculpture modeling software that can be used by both IOS and Android. It can multi subdivide, dynamic topology, reconstruct mesh, and has many brushes. Support importing alpha and HDRI


    can export gltf Obj STL and other mainstream formats are used for DCC software or printing. Vertex color painting is supported. A three-dimensional model is a polygonal representation of an object, which is usually displayed by a computer or other video equipment. The displayed object can be a real world entity or a fictitious object. Anything that exists in physical nature can be represented by a three-dimensional model

    3D models are often generated by special software such as 3D modeling tools, but they can also be generated by other methods. As data of points and other information sets, 3D models can be generated manually or according to certain algorithms. Although it usually exists in a computer or a computer file in a virtual manner, a similar model described on paper can also be considered as a three-dimensional model

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