5 thoughts on “What kind of jewelry can a woman in her 30s wear to show her "sense of sophistication"?”

  1. The sense of sophistication emanates from the whole person, not that wearing very high-grade jewelry makes me senior

    for a 30-year-old woman, if she wants to have a high-level sense, her speech and posture are the core. In addition, I suggest that you make more budget for the cutting and fabric of clothes. Clothes are the guarantee of texture and the cornerstone of style

    Jewelry / Jewelry belongs to accessories, and its significance is the finishing touch and a plus. Then, what kind of jewelry / jewelry has a high-level sense? And the price can not be as far away as high-grade jewelry

    if you want to save money and worry, you should buy Pearls

    I will push pearls all my life. There are many reasons:

    1. Pearls are the most affordable and affordable "gem Queen"

    the pearls on the market are basically cultured, but they are all natural materials, not the bling and unsightly material of imitation crystal. Pearls are the "Queen" of gems, with a long history

    the purple pearls in CHAUMET's grand exhibition in the National Palace Museum
    pearls don't need complicated designs, but they are simple and beautiful

    this means that first, precious metal accessories will not become expensive, and second, the style will not be ordinary due to aesthetic or budget shortage. As long as the quality of pearls is good enough, the styles are simple and high-grade.

  2. The first jewelry that is not suitable for girls under 30 years old is pearl necklace. Although pearl necklace is very popular recently, all kinds of stars and fashionistas are wearing it, but it's really not easy to control it. The Pearl Necklace gives people the first impression that it is retro, noble and elegant. It is a very feminine jewelry. But pearls also have a sense of age, and young people wear them more old-fashioned

    at the same time, pearl necklaces are mostly light colored. Girls with fair and smooth skin can try them, but they are very unfriendly to girls with darker skin. Moreover, the pearl necklace is quite grand, which is suitable for dinner wear and not suitable for daily matching. Daily dress with pearl necklace has a sense of being neither fish nor fowl

    in daily life, you can try small pearl ornaments like Dili Reba. They are not as gorgeous and elegant as large pearl necklaces. They are more suitable for daily wear

    the second jewelry that is not suitable for girls under 30 is exaggerated earrings. Exaggerated earrings are generally gorgeous and eye-catching, but they are not suitable for younger women. Girls under 30 years old don't have that maturity, and they can't hold such eye-catching jewelry. And if this gorgeous earring doesn't have enough fashion matching, it's easy to give people a cheap feeling. The quiet Queen's aura and gorgeous clothes can suppress exaggerated earrings

    exaggerating big earrings themselves have a more personalized style, which can not be controlled by everyone. They also have certain requirements for the temperament of girls. Insufficient Aura will really lower your appearance. This kind of exaggerated earring needs to be pressed with a thick and colorful appearance like Dili Reba, otherwise it will "dominate" and weaken the sense of existence of people's facial features

    if girls under 30 really want to try big earrings, they can start with tassels. Although Tassel Earrings look like a kind of big earrings on the outside, their straight lines can make girls' faces look thinner and their necks more slender. This kind of love tassel earring worn by Ju Jingyi is a little gorgeous. It is relatively simple to drive. With simple dark clothes, it is very suitable for sweet and cool young girls

    the third jewelry that is not suitable for girls under 30 years old is the retro Silk Scarf Hair Band. Retro style silk scarves and hair bands are also very popular this year. The popularity of French style has brought retro silk scarves and hair bands back into everyone's vision. But this kind of silk scarf hair band is more gentle and mature, which is more suitable for sisters over 30 years old to show their mature and gentle charm. Girls under 30 years old wearing this kind of scarves and hair bands will have a green and astringent feeling that does not match their age, and can not display the graceful beauty of scarves and hair bands

    if girls under 30 want to try hair bands, they can choose solid color hair bands. Like this red bow Satin headband worn by Blair in gossip girl, it is retro and girlish. The positive red color not only shows white but also makes the whole person very energetic, just like snow white in the fairy tale. It is very suitable for young girls

    accessories can test a person's temperament and taste more than clothes. Women with real taste seldom wear these three kinds of jewelry, which is cheap and has no temperament. Good ornaments can make a person's wear more beautiful. Now do you know how to choose the right ornaments?

  3. Female friends should pay special attention to their own style when choosing jewelry when they are 30 years old. After all, at the age of 20, they can match any fashion style. But although 30 is not very mature, it has also been in the workplace for many years. Naturally, the jewelry we choose should match our overall style. So what kind of jewelry is suitable for female friends at this age

    pearl jewelry

    pearls are jewelry that almost all women can't ignore, but you must not choose the style of the whole string of pearls. Such a style is really too old, especially if you string emerald beads in the middle, it is completely middle-aged and old-age. Therefore, at the age of 30, we should choose some necklaces with a small design sense. For example, the chain and Pearl matching necklaces that are very popular in recent years are particularly youthful and elegant. In this way, it can be matched with pearl earrings or bracelets, which can also echo each other

    gemstone jewelry

    don't think that gemstone jewelry is very old-fashioned. In fact, we can see from the jewelry design brands in recent years that gemstone jewelry is still loved by women. In particular, some large exquisite gems are very high-grade when directly matched with an ordinary necklace, which is very suitable for matching with some professional clothes. If you want to take a small and fresh route, then gems should pay attention to the matching of the same color system, and don't choose some exaggerated designs

    diamond jewelry

    in fact, compared with other types of jewelry, diamond jewelry is still worth matching in daily life. In particular, married women will definitely wear diamond rings, because they are all silver rings. When matching necklaces and earrings, they should also choose silver and platinum materials as much as possible. Only some small diamonds can also show a very advanced feeling. However, we must pay attention to the integrity of jewelry, be as delicate as possible, and not be too rough

    gold jewelry

    many people may think that gold jewelry is very tacky. In fact, you have not chosen the right style. In fact, gold jewelry is relatively valuable, and many brands have also incorporated some fashionable designs. Golden yellow is also relatively retro. If there is a trend design, it is very easy to match. However, try not to choose some exaggerated shapes, and keep the gold area within a moderate range as far as possible

    now that we are 30 years old, the jewelry we choose should have a good texture and a good sense of design. In fact, the best material is only second, and the design is the most critical point. So try to choose some jewelry with strong sense of design and value preservation space. Such jewelry is definitely your first choice.

  4. Female friends over the age of 30 are generally in a stable rising period in their careers. Some simple crystals and silver jewelry can no longer meet the needs of daily attendance and parties. Jadeite, pearl and diamond are the types of jewelry that can be given priority. So how to choose suitable jewelry to highlight the sense of nobility? Material of jewelry: 30 years old belongs to young women, so the jewelry that best represents women is pearls, especially a bright, round and full Tahitian Black Pearl, Philippine concentrated gold pearl and Akoya sea pearl, which can show your unique femininity. When choosing pendants, the diameter is generally between 12-15mm, the diameter of rings is generally between 10-12mm, and the diameter of earrings is between 7-11mm. Depending on the color, I like it, and concentrated gold is the most expensive. Of course, I think peacock green black pearls are the most beautiful. Their prices are around thousands to 10000. They are jewelry that most women can afford, and they do not need to pay attention to brands. Jadeite jewelry is a relatively difficult variety to master, because it does not look at the brand, only looks at the color and water head, and there is no strict general market pricing standard. For those who don't know about jadeite, it is difficult to choose jewelry that suits them. It is recommended that young women wear earrings and rings with a good head and a positive green color. The price of bracelets is too high, which is not suitable for most consumers, and the color of low-cost dark bracelets is not suitable for young women. Diamond: the diamond ring purchased at the time of marriage can be worn for a lifetime. Of course, if conditions permit, it is different to wear a one carat diamond ring. Daily gatherings are also elegant, without any pressure. You can choose a slender band for ordinary wear. It is an international famous brand style. You can wear it alone or with a single diamond. It is more fashionable. The styles of diamond rings mostly adopt the design concepts and styles of international famous brands. For example, Tiffany's classic six claw proposing diamond ring is the most popular style, and the classic is eternal.

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