Nozzle Plasma 220819 65A


SKU: 4000456646062
  • Application: 10A~105A
  • Model Number: 220819
  • Compatible to: PWM45 ~105 Torch
  • Cutting type: Drag cut, fine cut, machined


1. Shipping

If you wanna free shipping, please choose ePacket, it takes 25 ~ 35 days to arrive at your hands.

If you wanna you order delivered faster, please choose UPS, Fedex, DHL and TNT, generally it takes 7 to 15 days.

Besides, if you have special requirement about delivery, please leave me a message.


2. Product

The main body of  these consumables are made of CuCrZr and machined precesly. The electrodes are embeded with Hafnium which is imported from the US. They are cost effective and will be surely to help you to save your cost a lot.


3. Packing

We deliver these items in our OEM packing. 

If you have special requirements on the packing, please let us know. Customerized packing is acceptable.




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