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  1. The company was founded in 1974 and was restructured to a limited liability company in 2002. The company currently has a total assets of 18.3 billion yuan, with 6 wholly -owned subsidiaries, 10 household -controlling subsidiaries, 6 shares of the company, 1 household management enterprise, and 15,000 employees.
    The company's gold industry has formed a complete production system, with gold exploration, selection, cyanosais, refining, gold and silver products processing, and sales of Jackie Chan. The company now retains more than 500 tons of gold resources. On December 8, 2006, Zhaojin Mining Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Group Corporation, was successfully listed in the Hong Kong motherboard market, raising funds of more than 2.5 billion Hong Kong dollars. In 2011, the Group's sales revenue and profits increased by 32.84%and 23.69%year -on -year. At the same time, safety production was achieved, and environmental accidents were eliminated.
    The group company has been selected as "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises" for eight consecutive years, and is currently ranked 294th; selected as "Fortune 500 Chinese Manufacturing Industry", ranking 162th; 192; "China's 500 Most Valuable Brand" for eight consecutive years, and the value of recruiting gold brand reached 9.658 billion yuan, ranking 118th; The group company has been listed as "Shandong Provincial Key Enterprise Group", "520 key enterprises in the country", "the first batch of comprehensive member units of the Shanghai Gold Exchange and the first batch of qualified refined enterprises that can provide standard gold ingots." The company has won the "Top Ten Mine Enterprises in the country", "National May Day Labor Award", "China's Most Influential Enterprise", "Advanced Collective of the National Gold Industry", "2010 Chinese Enterprise Management Outstanding Contribution Award", "No. 1 Seventh -year Management China 20 -year Innovation List Award "," Eleventh Five -Year Plan for the National Gold Industry Science and Technology Work Advanced Unit "," National Gold Industry Star Enterprise "," National Excellent Integrity Enterprise "," National Enterprise Culture Construction Advanced Unit "," Reform "Outstanding Units of Enterprise Culture National Corporate Culture", "Advanced Collective of Chinese Golden Thought and Political Work", "Shandong Province Civilized Unit", "Shandong Provincial Advanced Grassroots Party Organization", "Shandong Province Integrity Enterprise", "The first batch Responsibility demonstration enterprises "and other honorary titles. "Avenue Framework"
    The Zi said: "The so -called people of the world can also meet the relatives of the world."
    -"Confucius Family Language"
    Them flow convergence, and it becomes Dachuan;
    thousands of people condensed, and casting great careers!
    Our "Avenue" is the way to operate its own business, the way to strengthen the economic strength of the enterprise, and it is also the way to revitalize China's gold industry. For more than thirty years, we have continued to develop on this avenue and move forward. We were born due to integration of gold mine resources, and developed by integrating the minds of the majority of employees, and we must also rely on gathering the advantages of various industries.
    Our "combination" refers to compliance, wisdom, integration, and strength. Compliance, we require us to regulate and pragmatic, unify everyone's behavior, and continue to develop in unison; intellectual, ask us to learn innovation, gather everyone's wisdom, and based on strong creativity. This integrity condenses everyone's hearts and move towards common ideals; coincidence, require us to communicate and cooperate, unite everyone's power, and use the group's scale advantage to work together. The theme pattern of the recruitment logo is a mountain type. The entire pattern is a semicircular corporate logo. Its inner meaning has four layers:
    1. The overall pattern is the deformation of the golden element symbol AU. The main business of the company is the development of gold mining industry development ; The word gold in the center triangle is the abbreviation of the company; the pattern is generally a mountain shape, which is both the company's beginning text and the company's beautiful and rich Shandong Peninsula.
    2, triangle represents a gold mine. The semicircular represents different depths and staggered alleyways. It means that the golden people are courageous to innovate, and the endless golden treasures are used to work hard and wisdom.
    3, the triangle represents Jinshan. The semicircular represents the hands held up, which means that the recruiting golden people work together, and they will be made to the city with their integrity and dedicate to the customers who are true to pure.
    4, the overall pattern is yellow (gold) tone, from shallow to deep in the triangle to form foot red. It is a symbol of golden color. It means the company's pragmatic, innovative, honest, and dedicated corporate spirit. The first stage (1974-1002): Sign in buds and prototype stages: 1974-1984: 1974, Zhaoyuan County established the Gold Mine Bureau; in 1978, Zhaoyuan County produced a total of 116552 two, of which Zhaoyuan was Zhaoyuan Gold Mine 50552, county, agency, and team level three levels of 66,000 two; in March 1984, Zhaoyuan County Gold Industry Corporation was established.
    1985-1992: In 1985, Zhaoyuan County's gold output exceeded 100,000; in 1988, Zhaoyuan County Gold Group Corporation was established; in 1989, Zhaoyuan County Gold Economic Committee was established, and the Golden Mine Company was set up. , Golden Industrial Corporation, Second Golden Mine Company, and Golden Materials Company: April 1990, Zhaoyuan County Gold Mine Company and Zhaoyuan County Gold Economic Commission Office, which is named Zhaoyuan County Gold Economic Committee. Called Zhaoyuan Gold Group Corporation; the annual output of gold in 1990 exceeded 200,000.
    1993-2002: March 1993, revoked Zhaoyuan Gold Economic Committee, Zhaoyuan Second Gold Mine Company, and established Zhaoyuan Gold Industry Group Corporation; in May 1993, the People's Bank of China notified notice Gold price adjustment was adjusted, and preferential policies were canceled in the past; in June 1994, the Shandong Provincial Mystery Reform Commission approved Zhaoyuan Gold Industry Group Corporation to jointly set up Shandong Zhaoyuan Gold (Group) Co., Ltd. with its eight backbone enterprises; In 1995, Zhaoyuan's production of gold exceeded the 300,000 or two mark; in April 1998, the Office of the People's Government of Zhaoyuan City announced the seal of "Shandong Zhaigin Group Corporation".
    The second stage (2002- to this present): The iconic event of the growth and development stage:
    in April 2002, China Gold Du Fangzhao International Gold Mineral Geological Exploration and Sustainable Development Academic Forum was held at the Golden City Hotel. Essence
    In June 2002, Zhaoyuan City and China Gold Association and the Ministry of Trade and Industry of South Africa held the "China -South Gold Technology, Equipment Import and Project Financing Economic and Trade Conference", and co -organized by the Gold Group.
    In August 2003, the first International Gold Jewelry Jewelry Exhibition hosted by Zhaoyuan Municipal Government and hosted by Zhaojin Group was held at the Golden Jewelry Listing City. Many manufacturers and sellers from home and abroad attended the event. Essence
    In April 2004, Zhaojin Group and Shanghai Fosun Industrial Investment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yuyuan Tourism Mall Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Guangxin Investment Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Old Temple Gold Co., Ltd. jointly launched the establishment of Zhaojin Mining Co., Ltd. The company has created a scientific and standardized listing financing platform.
    In 2005, Zhaojin Group completed 419,000 golden golden gold. 423. "Recruitment" has become "China's 500 Most Valuable Brand", with a value of 2.205 billion yuan.
    In December 2006, Zhaojin Mining Co., Ltd. was successfully listed on the main board of Hong Kong. For the first time, it publicized 199 million H shares and raised funds of 2.52 billion Hong Kong dollars.
    In 2006, Zhaojin Group completed 284,000 gold -produced gold (China Mining and Gold Exit), and was selected into the "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises" again, ranking 417th; 192. The group company has won the title of "Fifteen Fifteen" Industrial Economy Development Enterprises "in Yantai City, and has won the" Innovation Achievement Award for Cultural Construction of Shandong Provincial Enterprise Culture "by the Provincial Party Committee Organization Department and the Propaganda Department. Zhaojin brand was again selected into the "China 500 Most Valuable Brand", with the brand value of 2.293 billion yuan.
    In 2007, the main economic and technical indicators of Zhaojin Group reached a record high: 314,000 gold in self -produced gold, 946,600 two finished products, 56 tons of refined gold, achieved sales revenue of 13 billion yuan, and achieved profit tax of 830 million yuan , Achieve profit of 740 million yuan, complete 560 million yuan in financial contributions, and become the second company with a sales revenue of more than 10 billion yuan in Yantai (county).
    In 2010, Zhaojin Group completed the main business income of 22.8 billion yuan throughout the year, becoming the first state -owned enterprise with a main business business of over 20 billion yuan in Yantai City; the annual profit realized profit of 2.018 billion yuan, an increase of 46.23%year -on -year; the year; the year; The fiscal contribution was 1.018 billion yuan, an increase of 19.76%year -on -year; the annual gold output was 457,500, a year -on -year increase of 15.92%; the annual smelting processing and processing of 943,500 two, a year -on -year increase of 0.88%; the annual refined gold 63.15 tons, an increase of 11.22%year -on -year. The company has won the "Zhaoyuan Municipal Economic Development Funny Enterprise", "Top Ten Outstanding Contribution Units of Chinese Corporate Culture Construction", "Advanced Unit in Shandong Provincial Audit Work", and "2010 Chinese Enterprise Management Outstanding Contribution Award". The company was again selected as "Shandong Fortune Enterprise", ranking 30th; seven consecutive years was selected as "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises", ranking 308. Seven consecutive years were selected as "China's 500 Most Valuable Brand", and the first place in the list of Yantai City was the first place. The value of recruiting gold is as high as 7.481 billion yuan.

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