2 thoughts on “Is the price of 14K gold in Dalian Xinghai Golden Fort Mall more than 30 yuan per gram?”

  1. It is recommended to ask for invoices
    The weekend suspension of the transaction price on October 7, 2014 to about 237 yuan, gold jewelry of about 275 yuan, invested 242 yuan in gold, and recycled 226 yuan. You need to be cautious in your career. If you need to query the detailed brand price, you can ask for verification;
    If beware of similar "Xingbang" case and Golden Jia illegal fund -raising advertisement
    despicable advertisements, contempt for some helping administrators who help abuse.

  2. It was all deceived. At first, those tour guides would brainwash you again. I was deceiving you in the imagination
    The was deceived when my family was traveling. I was buying two gold bracelets. After dropping
    It gold pure gold 1 gram, it takes 300-400, no matter how cheap 12k gold is promoted, it is impossible to buy the entire bracelet for more than 300

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