1 thought on “Liufu's necklace replacement difference should be multiplied by the gold price of 0.7 on the day”

  1. Normally, such a calculated
    Liufu Jewelry supports money -changing business. It is committed to tailor -made for each consumer, and at the least cost, in exchange for the beauty of never withering.
    It, as many large jewelry brands have opened old -fashioned businesses, and the jewelry of Liufu Jewelry can also be changed, but the new policy of the old -fashioned new policy of various jewelry brands is not exactly the same. The Liufu brand accepts the replacement business of jewelry such as jade jewelry, diamond ring, and emerald jewelry, so it is quite outstanding among all jewelry brands with old -fashioned policies.
    The gold jewelry as an example, Liufu jewelry is based on the processing fee of 40 yuan per gram. If you do not charge any other fees, you can exchange for a new gold jewelry of the same weight.
    The replacement price of jewelry for other brands is often slightly higher than Liufu Jewelry, because in addition to the same processing costs, it also needs to pay 15%of the loss.

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