4 thoughts on “The shape of the royal shape overlap is the most fashionable necklace wearing method now. What is the specific method of wearing?”

  1. When a necklace could not satisfy the fashionable fairy, the method of wearing jewelry was born. A flower and one flower become two flowers, a necklace plus a necklace, becoming a styling art. How do we usually talk about how to wear? Let ’s briefly introduce you
    This, two layers of stacking are the effects of two necklaces worn together. It is generally composed of a short necklace and a long necklace. The height of the pendant is also mostly unified, and the distance is not large. The simple graphic accumulation causes a beautiful design sense. Compared with a separate necklace, a lot of watches are more.
    In except for the two -rooted necklace stacking, the double -level level is caused, the "layer" we are talking about here can not only refer to the number of necklaces, but also the uneven texture that occurs when wearing. The actual effect is as follows: Several necklaces are stacked into two levels. The exquisite MINISIZE necklaces are worn together to make the overall wearing more net sense of net weight. It is more pairing with stable western clothes or free -free jeans.
    The comparison of the three -layer stacking continues to be longer, so that the field of vision is widened from the bottom down, which is very easy to be thinner and high. However, of course, the difficulty coefficients are even greater when there are more levels. The main introduction here must be introduced in detail. This one who wants to make the least three layers of stacking is mostly chocker. The composition of a variety of total width and chocker and long necklaces of all kinds of materials can be clear and not too negative in one second.
    The double -layer stacking, so at the end, it is double -layer stacking. Due to the increase in the number of superposition layers, the most necklace basically occupied most of the body, and some girls even use the human body chain to match. So our proposal is to wear more suitable girls with a multi -level stack. But the more difficult coefficients, it means that if you wear it, you will be very easy to excel, how effective, see it yourself!

  2. 1. Slim and long clavicle chain. Unlike other stacking styles, avoiding too exaggerated styles, a long necklace is the basis of matching. The exquisite clavicle chain is a key item for stacking. No matter what material it is, two or three collarbone chains are matched with the collar or neck, which will present a simple and stylish style. 2. Mix and match gold, platinum, silver chain material. In terms of materials, stacking necklaces do not need to be too gorgeous. Small necklaces such as gold, rose gold, platinum, etc. are commonly used necklace styles. If you feel that the above materials are not enough to satisfy the retro sense, you can match the silver necklace to show the charm of mixed -matching materials.

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