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  1. Whose wedding anniversary? is it yours? Or a friend? If you are a friend, you usually do n’t need to break much. Others invite you to dinner. Boys can send red wine and girls send perfumes. Or give this child a gift

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the couple outfit to help friends customize a set of couple clothes, outline their sweet time together on the pattern of the clothes, and you can also write sweet words that belong to only two people on the clothes … 2. The decoration can be considered to give it to Friends crystal decorations, or digital frames, or DIY cups, and fashion decorations. Creative wedding gifts are favorite … 3. Crystal piano crystal piano is a very popular gift now. You can put music and put the photos of newcomers up. Such a gift is not only a furnishings, but also a blessing … 4. Talking about the keychain of the couple when the keychain of the two heart -shaped shapes is opposed to each other, and a soft voice will make a confession, which is very chic. The workmanship is also very good, it is a very good couple keychain.

  3. You can take a look at the constellation of the Constellation DIY couple album on the ritual girl
    black simple and atmospheric design. The cover uses a hot printed printing font, which is uneven and strong. Share every romantic night. Give away the DIY gift package, which contains various stickers and necessary decorations, freely matching to stimulate creative desires and create an exclusive album; self -stick photos can place more than 160 photos, large capacity to make good continuous gears.

  4. In the process of selecting gifts, we must pay attention to its commemorative value. For many years of marriage, their lifestyle is also a vegetarian when you choose a gift. A commemorative ring, earrings, bracelets
    commonly used gifts when wedding commemorative
    This couple furnishings symbolize the blessings of them all their lives
    pillows, cotton quilts invite craftsmen to design special design , Embroidery on it with their names
    It silver disks are engraved with date and their names, with permanent memorial significance
    The portrait of the professional painter is worthy of permanent treasure commemorative gift
    beautiful deeds or deeds or deeds or deeds or deeds or deeds or The love letter, please write down the calligrapher, and inlay the frame commemorative
    b memory class
    The wedding photos to carefully mount, so that they can return to the sweet memories of the past
    Let them revisit the time of happiness
    The take -off wedding photos allows their children to act as bridesmaids, groomsmen
    honeymoon travel to help them realize their desires when they get married
    making a family activity movie movie movie movie Can relive the removal gathering or festivals, and stay for the future to watch
    Coloning them to re -travel to the place where they used to live and work, make a short -term residence
    The photo frame of each member can be a baby photo, graduation photo, or wedding photos, etc. It is best to record the CD recorder and CD disc film CD film. n A journal disc, their favorite magazines such as health or casual categories to buy their favorite classic movie
    Please record a message tape for them before sending them
    The outbound tourism This is a gift that makes them unforgettable for life nD wedding anniversary special memorial
    Improve your identity!
    Is when sending the anniversary of the wedding anniversary, you should pay attention to whether the meaning of the selected gift is appropriate. Of course, you don’t need to consider the symbols of these anniversary too much. In fact, in addition to gold and silver marriage, many people do not give gifts according to this list, and you don’t have to send gold and silver items. Books inlaid with gold foil, mirror boxes wrapped in gold foil, woven a few silver wire blankets, or any gift with gold or silver -colored edge is suitable.
    1 Anniversary Wedding paper clock, color paper
    2 Anniversary cotton wedding cotton product porcelain
    3 Anniversary leather wedding leather products crystal products, porcelain
    4 Anniversary fruit wedding fruit or flower daily necessities
    5 Anniversary Woodwood Word Silverware
    6 Anniversary Iron Wedding candy or iron wood
    7 Anniversary Copper Wedding Wool Products or Copper Sperm Tableware N8 Anniversary Pottery Wedding Bronze Products or Pottery Flax Products or Liberals R r r r r r r r r r r r r r
    9 Anniversary Liu Wedding Pottery or Willow Made Products Leather Products
    10 Anniversary tin tin ware or aluminum diamond jewelry
    14 ivory wedding ivory gold jewelry
    15 Anniversary Crystal Wedding Crystal Products
    20 Anniversary Porcelain Porcelain Platinum Platinum Jewelry
    25 Anniversary Silver Wedding Silver Clinical
    30 Anniversary Pearl Wedding Pearl Jewelry
    35 Anniversary Coral Wedding Coral
    40s Ruby Wedding Wedding Jewelry Jewelry
    50 anniversary gold wedding gold device
    55 Anniversary emerald weddings emerald jewelry
    60 anniversary diamond wedding diamond jewelry

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